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The Peaneafowl

There are many many troops of Guineafowl in Somerset West and we have quite a few around us. Homer (the dog) and I encounter them every morning on our inspect-and-sniff of the suburb.

A while ago I noticed (and heard) a young peahen in the nearby garden of a friend. The bird didn’t belong to her, but would sometimes arrive to snack on the seeds that her family puts out for the guineafowl. Some days she’d see it and others not. It seems to have a free run of the suburb.

Since then I have often seen this bird in the company of a troop of guineafowl, looking much like a grand aunt. This morning I snapped a couple of shots with a small camera:

Peahen wandering with guineafowl

The Peahen amongst the guineafowl

For a while they felt it best to eye us from the safety of a tree:

Peahen and guineafowl in a tree

The peahen and guineafowl in a tree

The photos are very indistinct as the small camera couldn’t deal well with the early morning light.

I wonder if this fowl split from one of the groups on Lourensford estate or on Erinvale. However it happened, Homer and I continue to enjoy our suburban safaris.

Update: Here are a couple more photos – just a little clearer.

Four guineafowl and a peafowl

Four guineafowl and a peafowl

The peahen with a number of guineafowl

The peahen with a number of guineafowl


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