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Easy grep for Rails projects

As a lazy programmer I wrote grepr to save a bit of time/thinking.
While working on my Rails projects I often use grep in a terminal while I work on my source in Gvim. This typically means running grep on all subfolders of the app and in the lib folder. I almost always use the colour, line numbers and case-insensitive flags.

The process tends to go like this:
Press F12 to drop down the Guake terminal.
Run grep. Refactor (fiddle with the dirs and other arguments in the command) and run some more.
Toggle focus between Gvim and Guake.
Thinking about the nuances of grep’s arguments scatters my focus more than I’d like, so I simplified things a bit.

grepr without arguments displays help:

grepr usage

grepr usage

The options are designed to be easy to remember (m=model, v=view, c=controller etc) and easy to ignore. (more…)


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Staaarrrt again

It’s been a few years since I did the 10 day Vipassanā meditation course.

A lot of what I gathered then has fallen into misuse (well actually the core of it – maintaining two hours of meditation a day; and particularly one of the Śīla – the one about intoxication – living in wine country is tough!). However I do still live a great deal of it day-to-day and I can still hear the order: “Start again” in my head as I did when readying for an hour of immobile silence and pain.

That moment often felt like the start of something impossible but at the end was always revealed to be possible. Sometimes the predominant sensation at the end was relief. Sometimes it was just wonder.

So here goes with the blog thing. Pain and wonder in whatever measure, here I come!

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